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Wednesday July 18 2018
Mudra Meditation and IREST® with Laura Marie

6-7:30pm $20 advanced purchase/$30 day of  purchase tickets at

In the first part of this workshop we will contemplate the specific, personal situations that may throw us out of our inner peace and into feelings of stress.  You will learn a mudra and experience a guided meditation to rediscover your inner resource of well-being and peace.  Once you re-discover your inner resource, you can call on it at any time to support you in times of stress.

Laura also designs and consciously makes hand-knotted malas.  After the workshop from 7:35-8:45pm there will be a mala trunk show where you can explore her creations.  You do not have to be signed up for the workshop to attend the trunk show.  You can see some of her work at

From the yogic point of view, we are perfect just the way we are.  Our essential nature is peace.  We don’t need anything outside of ourselves.  Then why do we so often feel like we are stressed out and coming up short?   We get into trouble when we begin to identify our never-changing, internal, eternal selves, with the changing, often chaotic, circumstances of our lives.  In yoga, this is called avidya.  In Buddhist literature it is called ignorance and is considered to be the cause of suffering.

In the second part, you will then explore the feeling of well-being and peace even more deeply during IREST™.  Or what Laura likes to call, napping meditation.  One session of IREST™  is approximately equal to 3 hours of sleep.  You will want to be able to lie on a blanket on top of a mat and have a blanket to cover with as well as a pillow to put your head on for this experience.  Please check in with the studio when you register as to what you may need to bring.

A mudra is a gesture of the eyes, hands or body that elicits a particular, energetic response in the body.  In this workshop, we will be using mudra for the hands.

Research has shown that IREST™ helps increase happiness; decrease stress, anxiety and depression; improve sleep and increase energy; strengthen your resilience to deal with day-to-day life.  You can find out more about this research at

Heartsong-What your Heart Wants and the Energy of Intention.  An IREST and Mudra Meditation Workshop
Wednesday July 25 6-8pm at Jenny Smyth Yoga 3 Littleton Road 2nd floor Westford, MA  register at

$25 Pre-registered/$35 the day of the workshop

This workshop will help us to uncover what our heart really wants and teach us how to successfully use intention as a way to steer our lives and reinforce that we are ENOUGH as we are.

This is a guided mudra and IREST™meditation workshop.  (or napping meditation as Laura likes to call it).

We cannot know what the future will bring; however, we can learn to trust in our deepest self to provide the answers and to offer us safe harbor.   We will learn tools to help us do just that.  Please bring a mat, pillow and blanket.

No previous experience is necessary.  Visit to register  There will be a mala trunk show BEFORE this workshop from 5pm to 5:45pm  You do not have to be signed up for the workshop to come to the mala show.  you can see more of the malas at

Mudra and IREST Meditation for Self-Esteem and Confidence
Tuesday August 14 6-8pm Jenny Smyth Yoga 3 Littleton Rd 2nd floor Westford, MA  register at

$25 pre-registered/$35 the day of the workshop

Life can be hard.  Often we internalize our struggles to keep up with all that we see and hear through the media as if there is "something wrong with me".  As if this wasn't enough, our brains are actually wired to focus on recursive negative thinking (its not just you!).  This saps our energy.  This class will focus on creating and resting in our "inner resource".  This is an internal place that we may have forgotten and it is a place where we know that we are safe and can be at ease.  It is from this place that self esteem and confidence naturally arise.

We will learn and utilize a couple of mudras, which are gestures of the hands that create particular energy circuits.  We will work with guided meditation to experience the inner resource; and we will experience that inner resource even more deeply in the practice of IREST (napping meditation).

This is a great opportunity to come back home to yourself and be nourished.  No previous experience necessary.

Laura Marie has been approved by the International Association of Yoga Therapists as a Certified Yoga Therapist.  She is also a Professional Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher; Level II IREST™ Instructor; Certified Adaptive Yoga for MS Instructor and Certified Integrative Yoga Therapy Instructor.  She has 20 years of experiencing teaching yogic and meditation practices.  You can see more about her at