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®Happening in Boulder, Colorado near 75th and Baseline

Since I am new to the Boulder area, I am offering the opportunity for some free sample classes as a way for people to get familiar with what I can offer.  If you have a group of  at least 5, or up to 10, people who may be interested in trying out one of the class offerings below, get in touch and I will schedule something with you.  Also, if you have specific areas of interest of  yoga other than what is listed, I may be able to accomodate that as well.  let's chat!

Because I have limited space in my home studio, you do need to pre-register for these classes.  Often, when a class is free, I find people sign up and then don't follow through with coming, as if the class has no value.  I consider offering free classes as part of my SEVA (service to others).  If you are unable to commit to the class, please don't sign up.  Or, if you do sign up, and you are unable to attend, (unexpected stuff happens after all), please do contact me to cancel so that someone else may have the opportunity to use that spot.  Thank you for your understanding and support in this matter.  To pre-register, EMAIL LAURA

INTRODUCTION TO IREST (INTEGRATIVE RESTORATION YOGA NIDRA) - IREST is form of meditation that feels like a deep relaxation.  It is a scientifically studied practice.  Regular practice has shown to decrease depression, anxiety and PTSD symptoms and increase the ability to sleep well, feel more positive, improve interpersonal relaxations and increase energy and clarity.

This class is meant to introduce the participants to the practice through discussion, question and answer time as well as an experience of the practice itself.  During the practice, you will simply be lying down listening to me as I guide you to move your attention to different experiences in the body.  You do not need to have any previous experience for this practice!

Since you will be lying down for the whole time, please do bring some props so that you will be very comfortable.

                   something to lie on - yoga or exercise mat, sleeping bag, folded up quilt...whatever you have available

                   something to rest your head on - a flat pillow or folded up towel.  Nothing so big that it pushes your head forward and neck out of neutral position

                   something to cover up with - lightweight blanket - the body tends to cool off when it is very relaxed.

                   OPTIONAL - a rolled up blanket to put under your knees if you have a sensitive low back.

if you cannot get onto the floor, doing the practice in a chair is an option - if you need this option, please let me know in advance.

In preparation for this practice, begin to think about what it is you most want in life that you perhaps don't feel as if you have now.

Most people report feeling relaxed after a practice which is why it is often called "better than a nap!"  20 minutes of yoga nidra is considered to equal 4 hours of sleep.

To see studies done on IREST, click here IREST Studies


Thinking, thinking, thinking, while an intended function of the body, it is using up too much of our life force energy resulting in insomnia, fatigue and an inability to concentrate. Tv, computers, cell phones and social media have allowed us to increase the amount of time we are seemingly multi-tasking, but in actuality, we are never truly present to any one thing.

Although the autonomic nervous system does in fact ‘run’ the body, when it is running it when ‘no one is home’ or we are 'just going through the motions' it lacks the additional power of the life force energy required to keep the machinery in tip top condition.  Any activity we do is enhanced when we are fully present to it.  This is one reason that yoga is so beneficial to the body and mind; however, even many yoga classes have become more about the external form than the internal process.  This class is about getting back in touch with ourselves.

Loving Kindness Yoga© is a gentle yoga class that helps us to slow down, pay attention to our body's needs and lovingly accept and work with the body we have in this moment.  No need to wait until some other moment, when we are healthier, thinner, less busy, more flexible or __________(you fill in the blank), to begin practice.  The time for loving kindness in your body and mind is now.  Practices are adapted to meet the individual body's needs.

Through our loving attention we become aware of places in the body that feel dull, tight or weak, and through that awareness direct life force energy (prana) to move through them once again in a more healthy and supportive pattern.

Practices will include pranayama (breathing), stretching, healthy range of motion joint opening, self massage, asana (poses), relaxation and loving kindness meditation.  No experience is necessary, but bring a yoga mat! If you cannot get up and down off the floor, much of the practice can be adapted to a chair.

By engaging in this class you are committing to loving and being kind to your body….this vehicle that allows you to experience life on this plane.

to see a study on how loving kindness meditation helps the brain, click here study shows compassion meditation changes the brain

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED - I have a limited amount of space in my home studio to fit folks so you do need to reserve.  If you've made a reservation, and you cannot attend, please let me know ASAP so that someone else may use your me for your reservation lauramariewellness@gmail  address will be given at that point.